NSi Damage Recovery

Stabilize your bottom line

Investigate damage efficiently

Newport Systems has successfully recovered millions of dollars for our intermodal and transportation customers through our equipment Damage Recovery System. NSi-DR is an add-on service feature to NSi-M&R. Clients set the damage criteria, have complete control of all account communications, and receive analytics and monthly reporting via a custom web portal.

Faster communication

Stop processing paper and paying for damage attributed to other parties

To meet existing contract and related business rules speed of communication is a critical element in the cost-recovery process. In NSi-DR, damage can be flagged during the work order approval process and the responsible party can be invoiced electronically before our clients actually pay the repair invoice. 

NSi-DR capitalizes on automation to investigate damage efficiently and effectively to get the critical information necessary to recover significant dollars to your bottom line.

Manage information quickly

Automated re-billing for damages

Newport has been extremely effective in billing back: Customer or trucker abuse damage; Depot and terminal handling damage; Shipper or consignee load damage; and Rail and line transit damage.

Customer or trucker abuse damage

Depot and terminal handling charges

Shipper or consignee load damage

Rail and line transit damage

Better Business Intelligence.
Better Supply Chain Management.

NSi specializes in providing comprehensive M&R solutions for the intermodal industry.