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Flexible Software that Simplifies Asset Administration

In today’s business climate, the transportation and intermodal industries are facing more challenges and increasingly less control over costs and margins than ever before.

Newport’s Software as a Service, or SaaS, delivers a custom equipment management and repair solution that saves you time and money. The NSi-Modal platform provides a path to more efficient, streamlined continuity for the global supply chain.

Introducing NSi-Modal

End-to-End Management & Repair Automation

Estimating, invoicing, & cost management

A global feature for vendor repair estimating, invoicing, and cost management system that provides detailed data and custom reporting for access to critical information.

Damage recovery & back-end collections support

Recover millions of dollars in the intermodal industry with a damage recovery process that allows you control of communications and provides regular reports.

M&R management

A dynamic system of customized modules that provides a global view linking each of your depot locations and their performance. Real-time connectivity for M&R management via mobile app.

Real-time integration

A flexible and easy-to-use mobile application that supports both the gate and M&R process as the equipment is moved through and stored within the terminal or depot.

Increased visibility for Port Terminals with mobile reefer monitoring

Critical data becomes instantly visible and accessible via the management software delivered to a smartphone or tablet in the hands of the responsible reefer mechanic.

Scalable Features
with Real Financial Results


Automate Equipment Management


Increase Connectivity with Vendors


Increase Equipment Utilization


Track & Accurately Bill Damages


Support & Protect EDI Processing


See Needed Work Orders in Real Time


Link Multiple Depot Locations in One Place


Mobile Visibility with Intuitive Applications

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Rely on industry experience
“As a trusted partner, Newport Systems, has been very effective at streamlining service data between InterStar and hundreds of over-the-road vendors. Their custom solutions and expertise have been invaluable in facilitating our company’s growth.”
— Rod Goderwis
Past President and Owner
“Newport Systems has completely transformed the way we do business. Mechanics are now guided through an easy mobile app. allowing parts to be correctly selected for specific tasks, photos can now be attached to backup specific repairs for approval, and equipment validations can warn our users upfront when keying errors occur. We developed a great partnership with Newport Systems adding real time technology that is fully integrated with ERP and Parts Inventory system. I personally recommend Newport Systems to any of my industry peers.”
— Jarret Holdridge
Previous, IT Applications Director Total Terminals International, LLC
Currently - Director of Core Business Applications, Fenix Marine Terminal
“Newport Systems has been a key partner to our maintenance & repair operations. Their ability to provide end to end support, tailored to our commercial and operational management needs, has provided key benefits to our facilities and customers. The introduction of tablet-based equipment repair tracking had immediate environmental impact to our legacy process with handwritten paperwork. Over my twenty years working with the Newport Systems team, their focus on customer satisfaction is second to none. Our continued partnership will be integral for the continued success of our operations into the future.”
— Willy Won
Regional Manager, Equipment Services
Ports America
“As a leader and innovator in their field, Newport Systems is a reliable key partner in our day-to-day operation. Their support and dedication to finding custom solutions has paved the way for enhanced efficiencies and the ability to make quicker business decisions. We look forward to what the future holds.”
— Matt Baumhefner
Director, M&R North America
"As a strategic partner, Newport enhances Watermark’s performance and ability to manage multiple terminal operations in the US. Their M&R systems, including the mobile reefer monitoring, provide real-time solutions that are fully integrated with our internal systems. The Newport solutions and support team work closely with our locations to improve productivity, reduce administration costs, and streamline the management of our maintenance and repair operations."
— Tiffany Buchanan
Sr. Manager, Operations Administration
Ports America

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