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Multi-modal solutions

Accelerating supply chain execution

For transportation and intermodal companies, today’s business obstacles are more challenging than ever before. It adds up to a dynamic business landscape, where companies have increasingly less control over costs and margins.

One way to meet those challenges is by implementing more efficient, innovative, and effective business processes. NSi-modal helps companies harness the power of information by using business intelligence to deliver data-driven insights that lead to better decisions.

End-to-end solutions

Dynamic software for in-depth insights

Newport delivers flexible software services that are industry-focused and designed to handle your unique business needs.

Intermodal and Multi-modal Connectivity

NSi technologies connects equipment owners, with vendors, shippers and shared stakeholders in the global supply chain. We specialize in controlling and communicating critical events in M&R, equipment status and availability.

Global Maintenance and Repair Management

NSi-M&R is a dynamic and uniform platform that supports equipment owners like container carriers, leasing companies and railroads that deploy equipment in the global supply chain.

Damage Recovery for Equipment Owners

NSi-DR is fully integrated with the NSi M&R platform which automates the discovery and recovery process from the time the work order is entered by a vendor through the invoicing process in a paperless environment.

Maintenance and Repair Management for Vendors

NSi-M&R for Vendors support terminals, depots and container yards with easy to use mobile technology, Direct Connect EDI communication and integrations, EDI plus processing, and client invoicing all designed for real-time paperless processing and reduced admin costs.

Managing Reefer and Genset Services in the Cold Storage Supply Chain

NSi-M&R provides terminal and depot vendors with a mobile quick form that transmits these event types in real-time in a paperless process through to invoicing. Dynamic integrations allow these events to be expedited through the approval process.

Mobile Reefer Monitoring with TOS integrations for port terminals and reefer yards

NSi-MRM provides terminals with complete visibility of their reefer loads on terminal by position and status while scheduling the required unit monitoring by labor. The mobile application and management portal is dynamically integrated with the TOS via Direct Connect.

Road Service Intermodal M&R Platform

NSi-RS provides an electronic platform for vendors to process roadside repairs for approval and billing. Direct connect communicates those events to the responsible parties M&R system with support photos and documents.

Gate and Inventory Management

NSi-Gate for depots and container yards provides mobile gate technology that is fully integrated with NSi M&R. Direct connect provides the EDI, booking, acceptance and inventory status updates from gate event through to invoicing.

Better Business Intelligence.
Better Supply Chain Management.

NSi specializes in providing comprehensive M&R solutions for the intermodal industry.