Tailored Solutions

Newport’s Software as a Service, or SaaS, delivers high performance web-based technologies that blend our technical expertise with our business understanding of the transportation and intermodal industries. Our industry-based solutions are customized, deployed and continually enhanced virtually.

When you’re ready to streamline your processes with Newport custom software, you can choose a single service or an end-to-end solution that bundles the power of all of our technologies. Whatever you choose, we tailor a solution to fit your business needs and match your operating imperatives. Our collaborative service solutions are built to integrate seamlessly with your existing data systems, thus fostering visibility, speed and efficiency.


WEB ESTIMATE SYSTEM: A global vendor repair management system for the container carrier industry.


DEPOT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: A dynamic system driven with mobile technology for gate activity, storage billing and M&R.


TRAILER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: A robust system linking yard and road service repair vendors to trailer owners.


DAMAGE RECOVERY SYSTEMS: A variety of systems that identify equipment damage and deliver effective cost recovery.


Additional solutions to handle EZ Pass, Road Service Vendor Management, Chassis Registration Registry and more.