Trailer Management System

Newport’s Trailer Management System (TMS) is a dynamic repair and gate management system that links equipment owners and leasing companies to their trailers, keeping track of the trailers when they are returned to vendor-serviced repair facilities or virtual drop yards.

TMS is a unified service platform that integrates and combines all of the impact capabilities of Newport’s service solutions. This includes Web Estimate Service (WES), which links you directly to your repair vendor; Depot Management System (DMS), which provides visibility into yard management, maintenance and repair; and Damage Recovery System (DRS), the cost recovery muscle, which assigns liability and secures returns on costly equipment damage.

With the TMS, gate activity and work order entry is paperless, quick and easy. The web-based flexibility and scalability of TMS allows you or your vendors to choose the platform of initiation including the use of convenient, affordable mobile technology. Pictures are processed immediately and linked to the appropriate line item on the work order, making rebilling simple.

Ultimately, the customization and full integration of TMS data into existing accounts payable and back office systems creates a truly comprehensive solution.