Optional Solution Services

Road Service Support System

  • Web-based solution that creates a unified platform for vendors to report, repair and invoice costly road service repairs to the equipment owner or third party provider.

Tire Management System

  • Web-based solution that tracks deliveries, invoices, inventories, casings, retread-to-new ratios, flat repair ratios and tire cost per unit.

Chassis registration and license plate processing

  • Web-based solution that provides a secure way of making current chassis registrations available to vendors, depots and service providers.
  • In connection with WES and TMS, Newport’s trained staff manages the deployment of current license plates to vendor and depot locations where the equipment may be stored prior to the plate’s expiration.

EZ Pass toll recovery

  • Newport solution includes immediate payment of the toll - stopping the clock on costly violations. We re-bill the toll and administrative cost directly to the responsible party. Eliminates equipment owner’s liability and the administrative costs associated with clearing the tolls and violations in-house.

Data Entry Services

  • In conjunction with our web-based solutions, Newport offers data entry support services that can offset expensive labor costs and streamline the repair entry, approval and invoicing process.