Newport Systems

Leveraging the power of information

When you’re in the transportation industry, you want your business to keep moving. Speed and reliability is everything. The cycle of equipment monitoring, maintenance and repair is ongoing, so a management system that can steamline workflow, optimize asset utilization, manage vendor performance, and reduce administrative costs becomes critical to business success.

Newport Systems delivers custom web-based equipment and repair management solutions for the transportation and intermodal industry that are strategic, scalable, easy to use and deliver real financial benefits through enhanced visibility, process connectivity and operational efficiencies. There are no servers to buy, no IT assets to be deployed, or human resource strains on your organization to be concerned about - Newport Systems becomes an extension of your operation, with a keen focus on targeted results while providing 24/7 security and reliability.

Since 1996, Newport Systems has been delivering comprehensive maintenance and repair information systems for container transport and related industries. Our staff of highly trained experts with extensive industry knowledge is focused on providing solutions to meet the growing performance pressures of the dynamic transportation business landscape.

The bottom line is - we have identified and recovered millions of dollars in equipment repair expenses for our clients. You can count on us to deliver speed, integrity and security on the front end of the equipment repair cycle, while fully integrating the critical data, analytics and damage recovery process on the back end. The critical data goes wherever you need it and is available whenever and however you want it. We do the mapping and bridging… so you don’t have to!

What can we manage for you? Contact us and learn more about how you can leverage the power of information by using Newport Systems business intelligence to create sustainable change and an enhanced ROI.